Last November, we announced a strategic partnership that brought together two of the world's most innovative companies: Google and Salesforce. Now, we are proud to deepen that relationship and continue to help companies connect to their customers in new ways.

We have spent the last year working together and listening to our joint customers, and are excited to deliver the following new benefits through the expanded Salesforce + Google relationship.


New customer benefits


Improved buying experience

Customers can now purchase Google Marketing Platform products — including Google Analytics 360, Google Optimize 360 and Google Tag Manager 360 — directly from Salesforce in the U.S. and Canada. This simplifies the buying experience for customers looking to increase their marketing effectiveness with an integrated mix of industry-leading solutions, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Google Analytics 360.


Better connected data

We have released additional advanced capabilities for the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Google Analytics 360 integration. For instance, Sales Cloud user attributes, Einstein Lead Scoring, and additional e-commerce metrics can now be imported into Google Analytics 360 for a more holistic look at customer behavior and business performance.


Increased productivity

With four new features, we are continuing to improve productivity integrations between Salesforce and Google Cloud:

  • Inbox Beta for Gmail: There is now one Gmail Chrome Extension that supports both the native Gmail integration and the powerful intelligence features provided by Salesforce Inbox. When customers upgrade to Salesforce Inbox, productivity tools such as Insert Calendar Availability, Email Tracking, Send Email Later, and additional lists of Salesforce records are made available in the same Gmail side panel.

  • Lightning Object Creator: Customers can convert a Google Sheet into a Salesforce app in minutes using the new Lightning Object Creator, enabling an improved development experience across the Salesforce Platform.

  • Data Connector for Salesforce: Google Cloud has made the add-on for Google Sheets generally available to Salesforce users. Customers can now import data and reports from Salesforce into Sheets, and push updates from Sheets back to Salesforce, thus optimizing workflows and reducing duplicative work between the two products.

  • Google Sheets for Salesforce: We have further built upon the Data Connector for Salesforce by making it possible to open a Salesforce List View in a Google Sheet that is directly embedded in the Salesforce UI. This feature will begin as a pilot and become generally available in 2019.




Image: Inbox Beta for Gmail


Supercharged small businesses


Salesforce Essentials, the out-of-the-box CRM for small businesses, will now be listed in the G Suite and Google Cloud Platform marketplaces, making it easier for every small business to tap into the power of Salesforce’s #1 CRM platform.


What’s next?


Salesforce and Google will be launching a new integration between the Google Cloud Platform and Salesforce IoT. This will help customers collect data at IoT scale using Google Cloud, set up triggerable actions based on customer engagement and optimize the experience across devices.

Additionally, Google Cloud will be one of our first partners participating in a new portfolio of IoT apps on the recently-announced Smarter AppExchange.


Learn more at Dreamforce ‘18


If you’ll be joining us in San Francisco for Dreamforce ‘18 on September 25-28, make sure you take a minute to learn more about all the new capabilities coming through our expanded partnership with Google. To chat with an expert or get a hands-on demo, join us at any of the following Dreamforce venues:

  • Customer Success Expo: The Google Cloud booth will be #703 in the Moscone South Convention Center.

  • Sales, Service, and SMB (S3) Lodge: Come check out the Salesforce & Google Experience, located in the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

  • The Ticketmaster Experience: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 will present The Ticketmaster Experience at the Yerba Buena Atrium on 3rd St. and Mission St.


And if you’ll be following all the Dreamforce ‘18 action from home, you can still learn more about the exciting things Salesforce is doing with Google by visiting our website.