Looking for ways to get more done, faster? If your search brought you to Salesforce Essentials, our out-of-the box sales and service solutions for small businesses, you’re moving in the right direction.

But you may be able to get even more out of Essentials. Four small business leaders — and Essentials users — share their best tips to help you maximize your Essentials experience.


1. Take time to explore Essentials yourself


“Learn all you can about what’s actually in the product you purchased. Take a look at your Setup menu and find out what's there. The best Salesforce Administrator is the user who is curious and likes to problem solve. You can pay a consultant to do everything — and there's a place for that — but the happiest users will really learn what the platform has to offer and how to develop it.”

— Susanna Sharp, Operations Analyst and Salesforce Admin, Apiary Digital

“Research what you are able to do in the product without having a very technical background. For example, the idea that with clicks and configuration you can create your own application in Salesforce Essentials is very powerful. It’s very exciting for entrepreneurs who are doing everything on their own and can’t afford to dedicate budget to developers.”

Scott Wilson, Founder & CEO ThatSoftwareGuy.com


2. Get your teams connected with Essentials early


“The earlier your small business teams are connected to Essentials, the better. It’s a huge help in providing context and training for new folks that join your small business over time.”

Laszlo Bock, Co-Founder & CEO, Humu


3. Once you’ve explored the product, dive into resources


“Get familiarized with and use the Success Communities for Sales Essentials, Service Essentials, and Small Businesses. Not every CRM has an enormous knowledge base and a growing community of small business users that are learning and sharing. Because people are posting and asking questions, it’s a wonderful resource people should use to crowdsource support. If you're on Twitter, follow @SalesforceSMB to dip your toe into your new social media world. There are links to helpful articles on that Twitter account that I wouldn't have found otherwise.”

— Susanna Sharp, Operations Analyst and Salesforce Admin, Apiary Digital

“Use the training modules on Trailhead. For me, they were invaluable. Also try asking questions on community forums like StackExchange or dataloader.io.”

— Scott Wilson, Founder & CEO ThatSoftwareGuy.com


4. Take full advantage of all features


"Enable Einstein. All of our communications with our partners are captured automatically, and provides visibility to small teams to better execute."

— Laszlo Bock, Co-Founder & CEO, Humu

“Use Process Builder to automate your manual works, from sending a quote to sending a survey.”

— Rakesh Gupta, Salesforce Architect, Automation Champion


5. Install apps to improve productivity


“Make it a priority to explore AppExchange. One of Salesforce's best aspects is its ability to integrate hundreds of different applications using apps. Salesforce AppExchange has a dedicated section for Essentials customers. Also, install Salesforce Inbox, the Chrome Extension, and iOS app to improve your productivity.”

— Rakesh Gupta,  Salesforce Architect, Automation Champion


6. Start simple, and evolve as your business demands it


“Start thinking of questions that you commonly have about your business and you'll quickly find an answer to them with Essentials.”

— Laszlo Bock, Co-Founder & CEO, Humu

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