The past two years will be remembered for spurring on transformative blockchain standards and solutions, driven in part by the demand for transparency, collaboration, and improved efficiency in the transportation of goods. Focused on innovation in this area, Salesforce has joined BiTA – the Blockchain in Transport Alliance – to improve the supply chain experience for our customers, including shippers, transportation logistics providers, and their end consumers.


BiTA was founded in 2017 and serves as a forum for the development and adoption of blockchain applications in the trucking, transportation, and global delivery ecosystem. BiTA has already attracted more than 420 members and its board includes companies like UPS, FedEx, ECHO, J.B. Hunt, SAP, TMW Systems, and McLeod. Salesforce is proud to join the board.


Transportation and logistics (T&L) has historically innovated at a much slower pace than other sectors. In the words of Peter Emahiser, CEO of Tadmore Transportation (min 31:59), “If shipping were pizza, no one would get a hot pizza.” As a BiTA board member, we’re eager to propel the transportation industry forward by spurring blockchain technology development and standardizing industry uses of blockchain applications.


Blockchain is changing transportation in profound ways. It is a data democratizer, providing transparency and ensuring fairness among all participants. IDC forecasts that corporate spending on blockchain software, services, and hardware will more than double this year, from $945 million to $2.1 billion.


The rise of the Internet moved us – consumers and companies – from local to global. The advent of the cloud accelerated our computing power and ushered in smarter connected devices. Similarly, blockchain is becoming a new standard for trading information, impacting consumers, companies, and governments. The technology to support blockchain is more available than ever before. With Salesforce, shippers, carriers, and T&L providers can bring key functions together. They can facilitate enhanced collaboration between customers and companies by leveraging blockchain technology (with a single trusted ledger) to create a seamless supply chain experience.


The T&L industry is hungry for change.  Salesforce is honored to sit at the BiTA table with industry innovators. Leading these conversations with future-thinking peers helps us gain a better understanding of what our customers need and what the industry is looking for. Through collaboration and trust, together we will develop blockchain standards and technologies that will bring value to shippers, carriers, and their customers.

Coming to Dreamforce 2018? Join us for our “Blockchain Is Just the Beginning” session to explore how blockchain technology is transforming the future of freight and transportation, and be sure to check out the other blockchain and transportation and logistics sessions on the Dreamforce agenda!

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