How can your business win in today's digitally connected world? Whether you are an employee, a business owner, or an IT exec responsible for delivering applications, everyone is in one way or another a stakeholder to the growing demands of digital transformation.

Here at Salesforce, we believe that at the center of this transformation is your customer. Everything you do with digital – agile processes, employee productivity, or jumping on the AI bandwagon ultimately serves one goal: to transform your customer’s experience. In this new digital economy, customer experience is the single most important thing that will set your business apart from your competitors.

But delivering differentiated experience is not easy. In a recent Harvard Business Review Analytics Services report, businesses admit to having a huge customer experience gap. Only 15% of executives believe they are very effective at delivering a great customer experience. One of the key barriers standing in their way? Disparate systems and sources of customer data (#3 on the list after culture and leadership). Businesses are struggling with the single source of customer truth to deliver intelligent experiences.

Extend the Power of CRM to Transform Customer Experiences 

Here’s the good news for Salesforce customers and prospects: 74% of execs say the most important source of customer intelligence is their CRM. If you are a Salesforce customer, how can you harness the power of CRM to transform customer experiences? The answer is: the Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce Platform stands as the source of your sales, marketing, service, and operations data and makes it easy to integrate mobile, social, ERP, and connected device information to create a 360 view of your customer. The platform’s services for AI, IoT, and Trust, let you orchestrate data across systems to achieve meaningful customer intelligence. Last, but not least, the platform gives your admins and developers powerful tools to bring that intelligence to life in engaging applications and processes using Lightning.  

Sounds overwhelming? It is really not. Platform’s meta-data capabilities let you do it all with clicks or code. Immerse yourself in our new interactive tour to see the Salesforce Platform in action. In a few fun clicks and scripts, see how customer data comes to life in a mobile app that you will build, end-to-end, in just under 5 minutes.