In listening to and working with our customers, we are able to learn and grow together. And delivering Lightning has been the ultimate learning experience here at Salesforce.

We introduced Salesforce Lightning in 2015, but our journey began long before that. When we first began our Lightning journey, we stepped back and began a discovery process with our customers -- finding that nearly every person and every team works differently. There are people who are more data oriented, others who are more processes oriented and those who are just trying to get their work done on time!

Today, we're excited to continue our journey with Lightning and share some amazing new capabilities that we have delivered in our Summer '17 release. Extending our approach to human first design with Lightning, check out six new features that boost productivity more than ever before:

1) Lightning Console Apps - Lightning Console Apps enable Salesforce Admins to create custom, high productivity apps for all their users faster than ever. As a result, Salesforce customers are seeing some significant productivity improvements:

  • 21% increase in win rates*
  • 23% faster time to close*
  • 40% increase in collaboration*

2) Split View for Lightning Console - Looking at a list of leads or cases in isolation is a thing of the past. With Split View for Lightning Console, users can open a list of records (leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and more) at once and take action directly within the Lightning Console

3) Lightning Dialer Enhancements - We introduced Lightning Dialer in our Spring '17 release. And now it's even better with dialer call lists. Call lists allow reps to prioritize their activities as they work and new Voicemail drop allows them to pre-record voicemails and simply leave a message and move onto their next task, all logged automatically. No wonder our customers are seeing 23% higher outbound call volume* and 22% increased conversion rates*.

“We have seen some great gains for our Inside Sales Team with Lightning Dialer and Voicemail Drop. Having that power dialer allows them to be more efficient, to get through more people at a time. Voicemail allows them to move quickly through a list, and local presence helps them open more doors to talk to more people.”
- Michael French, Sr. Director WW Sales Operations, Vectra Networks

4) Einstein Powered Search - Now including Typeahead, Pre-scoping, Spell Correction and more. With typeahead search alone, our customers are experiencing a 25%** improvement in search outcomes. Also, with federated search, top results and records are surfaced faster, making it possible to search external content without ever leaving Salesforce.

5) Path and Kanban - Available across nearly every object, any pipeline or organizational workflow is now easier to manage. Whether your teams are organizing Opportunities, Accounts or custom objects like candidates in a hiring pipeline, you can use Path and Kanban to support those processes. Our research shows that business leaders are spending 29% less time reporting* because of Kanban and other new ways of consuming data in Lightning.

6) Lightning Report Builder - Currently in pilot, the new Lightning Report Builder delivers an even more powerful experience to the ever important task of creating and managing Salesforce reports and dashboards. With Lightning Report Builder, users can quickly and easily add new fields, groupings and even a matrix summary report.

Additionally, we are thrilled that Accenture shares our vision of a human first design and what Lightning means to the Salesforce Economy. And if you want to get your company on Lightning, we recommend you start by checking out the Lightning Experience Readiness Check and all the additional resources we have on Lightning.

*Salesforce Research Validated by 3rd Party, N=500 April 2017
**Salesforce Product Usage Analysis, 2017