From dials to data entry, there are tasks and processes nearly all sales people must work into their daily grind. As a marketer, I’ve worked with sales teams to build out sales and marketing funnels, sales collateral, go to market strategies, and more. During these major undertakings, technology was always the underpinning. It automates the processes you build out, making you able to close more deals than Frederick Eklund.

This sales technology often comes in the form of platform and apps, which will be abundant at Sales Machine 2016, a brand new sales event in NYC on June 15-16, filled with insights about the future of B2B sales and tech stacks (get 35% off here).

I’m excited to be hosting the AppExchange Demo Jam at Sales Machine, where you’ll not only learn about these apps, but you’ll experience a three-minute-or-less demo. When the demos are over, the audience votes on the best one. Interested in who’s battling it out? Here’s the exciting lineup of sales apps.

Day One: Lunchtime Demo Jam Apps

SteelBrick CPQ

Streamline your sales processes to ensure accurate configuration, pricing and quoting. CPQ helps sales reps reduce quote errors, manage proposals and close more deals. Plus, it’s a 100% Salesforce native CPQ, and it’s Lightning ready.

DocSend for Salesforce

Track, optimize, and control your sales and marketing collateral. See user activity around your documents in Salesforce, so you know who to follow up with and when. This results in better leads, more deals, and increased revenue.

HireVue for Salesforce Chatter

Do more with your Salesforce Chatter profile by adding video. Share valuable tips, tricks, and insights with your team using video in Chatter. It’s a great way for new hires and managers to meet their colleagues and get insights.

LiveHive for Salesforce

Get real-time insights on the interest level of prospects based on their engagement with your emails and documents. All synced with Salesforce, alerts let you know when a prospect is currently interacting with your email or document.

PowerDialer by InsideSales

Call more leads and make more contacts with this app. You’ll call more intelligently, connect with leads faster and more consistently, and after the sale, gain valuable insights with robust reports to learn what works.

Sales and Service Communication Platform by NewVoiceMedia

This Salesforce telephony integration app provides a dialer, click-to-dial, auto dialing, call recording, call routing, and more. Get a complete sales communications Platform and increase lead engagement and conversion.

Day One: Afternoon Break Demo Jam Apps

Opportunity Manager by Altify

Coach sellers in real time to qualify effectively, research the relationship landscape, collaborate with customers, develop solutions for business challenges, and create competitive approaches that deliver a win-win outcome.

Apttus CPQ

Manage configuration, pricing, quoting, discounts, incentives, and proposals on any device.  It’s a Salesforce Lightning ready quoting tool built on Salesforce1.

Aviso Insights for Salesforce

Collect CRM data to generate predictive analytics in order to help sales leaders automate forecasting, optimize sales performance, and prioritize deals.

Conga Composer by Conga

Create and deliver documents, presentations and reports in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email, and PDF from any standard/custom object in Salesforce. Generate proposals, account plans, invoices, quotes, contracts, and more.


Map your Salesforce data. Manage territories, run proximity-based search, and create visualization maps in Salesforce. Optimize travel routes, verify check-ins, and view real-time traffic on Salesforce1.

Predictive Sales Enablement by SAVO Group

From prescriptive content, to guided selling and custom engagement tools, drive more predictable sales results across both direct and channel sales teams with this sales enablement platform.

Day Two: Lunchtime Demo Jam Apps


DataFox is the go-to solution for account-based prospecting and sales. Give DataFox your ideal customer profile and sales territory, and get alerted to new prospects or important events on existing prospects and customers.


This app identifies which accounts to target and provides the prospecting tools to reach them. Ensure your sales activities lead to productivity.


Unlock the value hidden inside call recordings to make coaching easy and effective. Executives can now listen to the parts of calls that matter most, and accelerate team improvement.


Collect and organize comprehensive information on the world’s fastest growing companies. In minutes, get actionable data to pinpoint the companies and people you need to know.


Confirm your meetings, automate follow ups, update stale records, research accounts, and more. This AI app even deciphers risk and momentum signals in your pipeline using data from email, calendar, and Salesforce.


Generate sales triggers with prospect contact information filling your sales funnel with qualified leads. Now you’ll spend less time hunting for opportunities and more time closing deals.

Day Two: Afternoon Break Demo Jam Apps


Deliver a personalized video experience to each new prospect. Automatically personalize video and documents to each stakeholder, so they can learn about your solution in the most relevant way.


Create great company-branded videos automatically, in seconds. Edit videos automatically, with no video experience required. Collect and approve videos before publishing.


This virtual sales assistant app fosters real conversations to discover your most qualified sales opportunities. Get a sales assistant that engages every lead, 24/7/365, and never calls in sick.


Easily access the right contacts and context to significantly contribute to the bottom line. Get insight into the online behavior of targeted prospects, identifying and verifying purchase intent earlier in the buying cycle.

Outreach makes enterprise sales teams more efficient and effective by optimizing their engagement process. It is a unified platform with an intuitive interface that helps sales representatives communicate more effectively through any channel, and helps managers with the tools to monitor and improve their team’s performance.


Get tailored lead recommendations in order to easily save leads and create a sales lead list. You’ll be informed and up-to-date on your prospects with timely and accurate information to turn cold calling into warm conversations.

At Sales Machine 2016, a key focus will be around increasing sales results, and sales apps can play a big role. See these apps in action at the Demo Jam at Sales Machine 2016. Get 35% off here.