There is a revolution taking place in enterprise file collaboration. Over the past decade, files and content have migrated from on-premise repositories to the cloud. But over the next decade, these cloud-based files and content repositories will be tightly integrated into business processes, dramatically changing the way people access and discover files.

Instead of searching aimlessly through directories and folders across a sea of repository silos, knowledge workers will find files in context of their business--in feeds, project groups and attached to accounts, service cases, campaigns that they use every day.

Furthermore, powerful metadata, social graphs, and analytics will auto-assign files to relevant people, groups, accounts, opportunities, and cases. By integrating business context into files and vice versa, salespeople will spend less time searching and more time selling. And they may even discover valuable resources that they didn’t even know existed.

To win deals, sales reps need to be able to easily locate the latest first call deck for their specific products, industries, and regions. Marketing managers need the ability to create, organize, and tag content to make discovery easy. Customer service agents must be able to quickly locate knowledge articles in real time, while on a customer call. By placing files in the flow of business, knowledge workers with any title can accelerate the flow of information through their business and in turn accelerate revenue growth.

What’s more, users can access any file, from any device, and share it with any audience - a truly revolutionary approach to creating more informed, more effective business processes.


Any File

Many large enterprises have multiple file repository silos, including legacy on-premise deployments and cloud-based repositories. Through Salesforce Files Connect, Salesforce is engineering an innovative solution to bring any file, regardless of the source, into the flow of business. First to production will be Files Connect for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. Files Connect will make SharePoint on-premise repositories both social and mobile.

Files Connect innovation stems from its ability to place a secure reference link to the file, rather than the file itself, into the flow of business. This way, the original file is neither copied nor duplicated, but its reference file can be shared in the flow of business to a person, Chatter group or Record, such as an Account, Opportunity, or Case. Files Connect technology securely connects to on-premise servers that are not publicly accessible on the Internet. And whether the file is in the cloud or on promise, all of its access restrictions are retained.

Any Device

Knowledge workers, especially salespeople, are often in transit and need access to their files from any device: laptops, tablets, smart phones, and even wearables. Changes made to a file on any device must be quickly replicated across all devices to ensure that the knowledge worker always has access to the latest version of a file.

Salesforce Files Sync, released in Summer ’14, enables users to effortlessly drag and drop their laptop/desktop files into their Salesforce Files Synced folder. These files and folders are then synced in real time to the Salesforce cloud and across the user’s desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Synced files are private by default, but users can chose to place their synced files in the flow of business by sharing them with people, groups and records within Salesforce. Enabling Salesforce Files Sync is quick and easy.  

Any Audience

Knowledge workers not only need to collaborate and connect with their internal colleagues, but they also need to share files and information securely with partners and customers. Sales executives need to create external sales enablement processes that mirror the seamlessness and security of their internal sales enablement processes.

Marketing managers want to be able to collaborate securely with ad agencies. Customers want to be able to easily find relevant product documentation and answers to frequently asked questions, and to interact with other passionate customers to learn product tips and tricks.

The Salesforce Community Cloud is revolutionizing the collaboration landscape and creating a platform for all knowledge workers to secure share and collaborate on files and content in the context of Employee Communities, Partner Communities and Customer Communities.

Salesforce Files Innovation continues to lead the industry in innovation, and Salesforce Files is a big part of the spirit of innovation at Our amazing customers lead the way on this front and provide us with the insights and inspiration to bring files into the flow of business to improve the productivity of knowledge workers worldwide.

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