Establishing a community is a critical tool in leveraging the essential connections—among customers, employees and partners—that are at the heart of every business. Salesforce Community Cloud opens up this communication and helps strengthen these important relationships, giving you clearer customer insights and arming your employees and partners to collaborate and innovate faster than ever before.

What The Book Is About

We’ve created our newest e-book, “Community Cloud 101: Five Fantastic Features We Love (and You Will Too!), to help get you started with setting up your own community with Salesforce Community Cloud. We’ll point out some of Community Cloud’s most exciting features, like personalization and file sharing. Plus, we’ve included success stories to demonstrate how other organizations have taken their business to the next level using Community Cloud. Available today. 


The Structure of the E-Book

The e-book is divided into five parts:

Build Your Brand. Make your online community a seamless extension of your established brand. Community Cloud is easily customizable to expand your corporate identity into new channels and is built on the scalable, reliable, and secure Salesforce1 Platform.

Integrate With Your Business. Streamline all of your business processes and unify your company. Within a single, unified feed, users can approve expense reports, create customer support cases, track payments, and accomplish so much more. Community Cloud makes collaboration a breeze across all industries and business arms.

Make It Personal. Community Cloud fosters deeper engagement right off the bat, suggesting groups to join, people to follow, and content to peruse. As you use the community, it continues to learn from your interests and behavior. Designate influencers, create groups, and reward users for their activity within the community. The more people use the community, the more valuable it becomes.

 A File Sharing Revolution. Think of the productivity you could gain if you had access to any file you needed at any time, from any device. It’s possible with Community Cloud, where all your files are stored in the cloud for faster access and easier collaboration, without sacrificing security. The Salesforce Files Sync folder ensures that your files are always up-to-date on all of the devices you use to run your business.

Take It Mobile. Gone are the days when work could be done only on a desktop or laptop. Your employees, customers, and partners are increasingly mobile, and they don’t want to compromise productivity just because they’re on the move. The Salesforce1 Mobile App incorporates all of the leading sales, service, and marketing applications into a single platform, giving you an unprecedented ability to run your business from your phone.









Get the E-Book

The e-book is now available to download for free. Download the e-book today and start using Community Cloud to revolutionize your relationships—and your business. 

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