AppExMobileChances are you are reading this blog post on a mobile device. I say that because this is being posted while a lot of you are sitting at Cloudforce New York in the Javits Center waiting for Marc Benioff’s keynote to start. Mobile devices have become our main method for consuming information and they are quickly becoming the main method for interacting with enterprise applications - the first time I used the amazing new Concur mobile app was the last time I used the their web app. The mobile revolution is now in full swing and our “app for that” expectations for smart phones and tablets are now fully engrained. 

So today I’m excited to announce that’s AppExchange is now mobile.

What does that means for all of the million plus Salesforce users? They now have a single place to find mobile apps designed to enhance their experience with Salesforce. Just go to on your mobile device and you will be presented with an AppExchange experience tailored to your device and operating system. You’ll see a list of the top mobile apps from and AppExchange partners all designed specifically for your device.

With apps like Dragon for Salesforce from Nuance, Salesforce users can update Chatter by voice and with Concur users can create and update expense reports on the go. Salesforce apps like Chatter mobile, Dashboards and Salesforce Mobile bring the power of the social enterprise to your mobile device. There are also free, open source apps from Labs such as the HTML5 Contact Viewer and Salesforce Viewer for iPad, all designed to not only give your users easy mobile access to critical data stored in Salesforce but also give your developers a head start on quickly building customized apps for your company's needs. Partners now have the opportunity to develop apps with the social, mobile, open and trusted capabilities of,’s social enterprise platform and distribute them to over 1M users on AppExchange.

Mobile applications have always been a big part of the AppExchange but the explosion in devices, apps and user expectations made us realize that we needed to create and support a new unique mobile experience. So we built AppExchange Mobile to allow Salesforce users to quickly and easily find great mobile apps. Today we are supporting native and HTML5 apps on Android and iOS, we also filter by smart phone or tablet so no matter your combination of operating system and device we will show you the apps that will work for you. Every app on AppExchange Mobile has been through the same level of security review as our normal AppExchange so customers and users can trust in the security of these apps. We think AppExchange Mobile presents a huge opportunity for developers and partners and we’re excited about innovations it will unlock.

With the almost 40 apps already available on AppExchange Mobile, every Salesforce customer and user can immediately find an app to help them be more mobile. Other partner apps available on AppExchange Mobile are: Advanced Image Direct, Apttus, Cameleon, Concur, Docusign, Drawloop, Field Day, FinancialForce, Foretuit, Get Satisfaction, Group Logic, Infuze Mobile, Model Metrics, PepperMob, Proximiti, Red Funnel Consulting LLC, Scan Biz, ServiceMax, Spectacle, Sylpheo and Xactly.