Let’s face it: Change is hard. Even the coolest new websites and applications take awhile to reach that magical point where all of a sudden, everyone is using it.
No matter how excited you are to discover a new technology that makes work easier, it will probably take some convincing to get everyone else to see the value and start using it. Here are ways to encourage coworkers to use that new technology or process you’ve discovered, so you can all start working more productively together.

Saturate the market  
Adoption-image-email-sig-3-042511 Don’t miss a single opportunity to get the word out. Team and department meetings, posters, email signatures... be everywhere, all the time, so no one can say, “I didn’t know about it!”

Try carrots...
Contests and other giveaways are great for bribing people to try something new. But that initial excitement dies down shortly after the prizes are handed out, so follow up with other adoption methods to keep the momentum going.

... and sticks
While not nearly as fun as prizes, laying down the law works better in the long term. Getting your company or department to make a new technology mandatory is very effective, especially if executives help you crack the whip.