It’s nearly 2019 — that means saying goodbye to outdated 2018 trends (sorry cold-shoulder tops!) and hello from your memoji for the new year. At work, it’s about modernizing disparate back-office systems and bringing together data in external ERP, supply chain, HR, or on-premises software. The Salesforce Platform uses open APIs based on industry standards like REST and SOAP, so it’s easy to integrate Salesforce with external endpoints, such as apps or enterprise integration hub.



The AppExchange has over 160 low-to-no-code integration solutions, enabling you to connect through standard data protocols. But don’t just take my word for it. With that much inventory, we looked to our customers to tell us which apps they preferred (and why). You can find it all in our handy AppExchange guide for integration apps. Here are some of the highlights:


Apps for integrating between disconnected systems

Use these apps to connect and integrate data between cloud-based or on-premise applications.


Dell Boomi Integration

“Dell Boomi Integration is a great tool to quickly implement data manipulation tasks. Easy to use, great community help, simple to write, manage, and monitor integrations with wide variety of out of box connectors.”
– Vinar Amrutia


Salesforce IFTTT

“Salesforce IFTTT works really well. We’ve run it for a month now to visually show when cases close. It hasn’t missed a beat and is super quick.”
– Alastair Dutton



“Workato’s entire process — from customer registration to actual transactions to the money being in our bank account the next morning — changed everything.”
– Christian Clavelle

“Automate is simple to use and easy to set up. Simply put, it just works without a hassle.”
– Ashok G.


Jitterbit Harmony

“Jitterbit Harmony’s real-time APIs let me create a real-time integration system that has impressed everyone in our company who’s seen it in operation.”
– Mark Doggett



“Zapier is great for integrations. It connects our proprietary CRM to Salesforce, Quickbooks, Slack, and more. Our processes and workflows would be doomed without it.”
– Lisa Keogh



“Celigo was very easy to integrate Salesforce with NetSuite on my own. The integration has run smoothly with no maintenance needed.”
– Mujtaba Ahmad



“SnapLogic is an awesome tool. I love the flexibility that it offers. Everyone should try it out.”
– Mike Borozdin


IBM App Connect

“IBM App Connect in IBM Cloud sets up very quickly with a few drag and drop integration scenarios between Salesforce and my Database.”
– Michael Lara


Apps for importing data between systems

These apps automate the process of importing, uploading, updating, and deleting objects from outside data sources — into or out of Salesforce.

“ is used with most of my clients — from importing to updating to mass deleting custom and standard objects.”
– Shabina Uppal


Jitterbit Data Loader

“Jitterbit Data Loader’s easy-to-use interface helps us quickly and seamlessly manage and upload large datasets to our spatial database.”
– Ben Brantly



“Informatica was installed and running in minutes. Simple to use with the step-by-step wizard. Loaded 27K records from a flat file in 2-3 minutes.”
– Gordon Derk



“Import2 with its experience and preset definitions for migrating to Salesforce from a range of CRM and contact manager apps does it faster and cheaper.”
– Scott Adams


Skyvia Data Loader

“Skyvia Data Loader allow us to load up to three to four objects in one upload. It also populates the fields of different objects at the same time.”
– Jo Price



“Trueloader is intuitive, easy to use, and has saved us a lot of time. Integration (local database <> Salesforce) was smooth. We went live within a few days.”
– Michael Wust



“CData Software Drivers enable us to access Salesforce and other cloud apps and to interact with data from various on-premise apps and systems.”
– Doug Newton


Simba ODBC Driver

“Simba ODBC Driver works as advertised. Really easy implementation and super support.”
– Nick Van Beest


Progress DataDirect

“Progress DataDirect is a simple, reliable way to integrate summarized data from external information systems into Salesforce. The best software investment we’ve made in a long time.”
– Chris French


Apps for individual point solutions

Test out these apps to connect Salesforce to individual point solutions.


zAgileConnect for Jira

“zAgileConnect for Jira is a ‘home run.’ Our development teams get transparency into client cases in Salesforce right from JIRA without logging in.”
– Tom Jolie


eShopSync for Shopify

“eShopSync automatically transfers WooCommerce orders to Salesforce, where the team can easily access them for their day-to-day operations.”
– Yanick Abraham


webMethods Salesforce

“webMethods Salesforce connects to SAP without adding ABAP code. The adapter connected to SAP with configuration changes through SAP logical systems, not custom code.”
– Scott Billington


With over 5,000 solutions in our inventory, we hope this guide will help you zero-in on the best integration apps for your business. View the entire collection on AppExchange today. (H)appy exploring!