Post-sale customer feedback helps companies improve service quality, product value, and NPS scores. But why wait until after the purchase is complete to request feedback? The value of feedback can play a huge role during the lead generation and nurture phases, in order to help marketers fully understand the audiences they’re trying to reach. The goal should be to provide an engaging customer experience throughout the customer's entire engagement — from initial contact and beyond.


Why customer feedback needs to start before they buy


Today’s buyers expect personalized, 1:1 experiences tailored to their wants and needs. They’re inundated by marketing messages through digital ads, social media streams, and email. So, only the most relevant campaigns will successfully capture their attention. The rest are ignored, at best. And at worst, blocked.


To rise to this high-level of customer expectation, Salesforce Pardot centralizes marketing initiatives into cohesive customer journeys to map response patterns into sales leads. Yet marketing automation technology is only as powerful as the data available to it. Even with the right platform, businesses still have a fuzzy picture of what their audiences want. Traditionally, marketers have relied on behavioral indicators — like opens, click-throughs, and time spent on digital assets — in order to build nurture paths. But by collecting feedback earlier in the engagement cycle, marketers can now enrich the data in Pardot with deeper customer insight. 


Supercharge Your Marketing Automation with GetFeedback


With GetFeedback for Pardot, you can now have a two-way conversation with prospects and move beyond guessing to knowing what customers want. GetFeedback lets customers get even more value from Pardot by gathering prospect input data directly throughout marketing journeys. By augmenting marketing data with direct feedback, you can truly deliver a relevant, customized experience that accelerates engagement. Plus, you’ll have the knowledge to accurately segment, score, and pass leads that are sales-ready. 


Here’s how GetFeedback works in three easy steps:


1. Seamless integration of surveys into marketing journeys, enabling you to really get to know your lead.



2. Easily shift nurture and email paths based on feedback for smarter engagement.



3. Influence lead qualification, scoring, and grading with actual customer feedback, ensuring you're getting the right leads to your sales team. 

Are you ready to learn more about GetFeedback and Pardot? Visit the GetFeedback for Pardot webpage to learn how this winning combination can supercharge your marketing efforts.

And for customers on GetFeedback for Salesforce Commercial and Premier plans, you'll receive access to GetFeedback for Pardot at no additional cost starting June 13, 2018. Simply log into your GetFeedback account to access.