Your channel partners have a litany of choices when it comes to choosing a vendor to partner with. One of the biggest differentiators that can set your business apart is how easy you are to work with so partners can sell smarter and faster.

When it comes to selling, time is of the essence. But when partners must access multiple channels to learn how to sell your products, register a deal, or submit a quote, you’re adding precious hours — or even days — to a sales process where time really is money. Delaying the process can lead to lengthy sales cycle times, decreased productivity among sales reps, and the loss of business opportunities that demand immediate return of quotes.

Your partners need a one-stop-shop for success — that’s where Partner Community comes in. Within the community partners can access all of the information they need to close more deals, faster.

Your team won’t always have all the answers, which is why collaboration is key. With Partner Community it’s easier than ever for partners to identify experts who will have the answer or resource needed. Rather than tracking down an email or a phone number, each individual has a profile that lists their role and expertise, and you can directly contact the individual without leaving the community and collaborate directly on an account. No matter where they are, partners can access Partner Community from their mobile devices and contact experts, view files, or ask questions — anything they need to provide a quote or anything they need to close the deal.

By boosting transparency within the community, you can make collaboration more seamless than ever. When all the steps in the selling cycle are done within Partner Community, deal registration and lead approval is clear to all parties. Partners are paired up with the leads that are best suited for their expertise — with less conflict due to more fair lead assignment.

And with Partner Community you determine how much or how little information to share. Partners can access the information they need, but you control what information is visible and what’s not.

How Canto Closes Deals with Partner Community

Canto designs the software that helps companies securely manage, distribute, and get the most out of their brand’s digital assets. Canto invests heavily in building strong partner relationships — it’s the “secret sauce” to the brand’s success.

Canto used a standalone portal as one of multiple channels to engage with partners, but something was missing. Within the portal, Canto’s partners weren’t able to collaborate with other partners, as well as with Canto employees. The Canto Community now not only provides partners with a single point of entry into the organization, it also offers direct messaging and collaboration between members of the community so sales reps can identify the right expert to help them close the deal. Better yet, Canto was able to seamlessly migrate its partner portal to Community Cloud in just a few weeks, thanks to features like Ideas, Groups, Knowledge, Files, and Topics available right out of the box.

The result? Canto credits Partner Community for a 60% increase in partner satisfaction and has seen a 5-10% decrease in email by moving communications over to the Canto Community.

With Partner Community, you can help reps spend less time wading through email and unnecessary paperwork and more time chasing deals. Partners can get the help they need quickly and efficiently and businesses have much greater visibility into sales pipeline and partner activities — it’s a win-win.