Winter '12 release, Social Contacts delivers most on the Social Enterprise vision for Sales. With Social Contacts, important customer information including what they like, who they know, and what they're saying is pulled from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and delivered to the contact record in Salesforce.  You get a social insights on your contacts to learn what's really important to them so you can sell more efficiently.   And there‚Äôs more to come. With the Spring '12 release (coming in mid-February) all this functionality will also be available on accounts, leads, and person accounts! 

Social Contacts is available for all Salesforce editions. To use Social Contacts your Salesforce administrator can turn on this feature with the following steps:

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Social Contacts | Settings.
  2. Click Change your organization's Social Contacts settings.
  3. Select Enable Social Contacts. To disable Social Contacts for everyone, deselect this checkbox.
  4. Select the social networks that your organization may use. Deselect any of the services that you want to turn off for your organization. By default, all social networks are turned on.
  5. Click Save.